“No longer were there individual destinies;
only a collective destiny, made of plague
and emotions shared by all.”

Albert Camus, ‘The Plague’

HR Forum Call #3

AGENDA Compensation and Benefits for employees working from home (or from the office) and other COVID related benefitsResults & analysis of the BenchmarkDiscussion facilitated by Małgorzata Lenart, HR Business Partner, Electrolux Employment Contracts and cost...

HR Forum Call #2

AGENDA 1. Welcome/Intro 2. Return to the Office  ASPIRE “Home 2 Office” Tracker #4Rate of return to the OfficeCase study: PMI, PerkinElmerTrends, Implications, ConclusionsDiscussion 3. Working from home:  Results of the HR Forum COVID...

HR Forum Call

AGENDA 1. Welcome/Intro 2. Working from home: Motivation & Engagement What was done so far and what worked well?virtual team forumsemployee listeningrecognitioncommunicationhealth supportfinancial supportinfrastructureOpportunities & Challenges going...