“No longer were there individual destinies;
only a collective destiny, made of plague
and emotions shared by all.”

Albert Camus, ‘The Plague’

BusinessPoint City Clinic: August

by | Jul 12, 2021

Date: 2nd August 2021 – 6th August 2021

Time: 8:00 – 18:00

What is it?

The BusinessPoint City Clinic is an online service connecting ASPIRE Members and the City of Kraków.

The aim of the service is to provide a direct line to the City on matters that impact our businesses.

How it works

  1. The first week of every month you are invited to submit any questions or queries you have about regulations or practices that are impacting your operations;
  2. These are passed directly to The Investor and Innovative Economy Support Centre and from there channelled to the relevant department within the City;
  3. ASPIRE and The Investors and Innovative Economy Support Centre monitor the process and how your enquiry is progressing;
  4. It is the promise of the City of Kraków that each question will receive an answer within 28 days, but usually much sooner.

What else do I need to know?

Together with the City we have also produced an online directory (in English) of City departments and agencies which outlines what they are responsible for and how to contact them.

Businesspoint City Clinic
ID Unit Responsibilities Address ZIP Code Telephone number E-mail
1 District Office of the City of Krakow The organizational and administrative and office service of the presidium and the authorities of the districts of the City of Krakow 17a Wielopole Street 31-072 Krakow 12 616-58-50 bd.umk@um.krakow.pl
2 Office for Holding Asset Records Registration matters regarding the property of the Municipality of Krakow and the State Treasury, reporting and ownership 4 Sarego Street 31-047 Krakow 12 616-96-40 em.umk@um.krakow.pl
3 VAT Office Matters related to the centralization of VAT settlements by the City of Krakow Office and municipal organizational units 1 Na Stawach Square 30-107 Krakow 12 616-90-97 bv.umk@um.krakow.pl
4 Office of the Municipal Conservator of Monuments Implementation of tasks in the field of monument protection and care of monuments 18 Biskupia Street 31-144 Krakow 12 616-65-00 mkz@um.krakow.pl
5 Corporate Supervision Office Matters related to the supervision over the functioning of municipal legal persons and other entities of which case the City is the owner / shareholder 16 Czerwieńskiego Street 31-319 Krakow 12 616-58-94 nw.umk@um.krakow.pl
6 Property Seizure and Restitution Office Cases of the seizure of property, recovery and compensation proceedings as well as inheritance for the Municipality of Krakow and the State Treasury 20 Basztowa Street 31-156 Krakow 12 616-97-02 mr.umk@um.krakow.pl
7 Mayor's Office Matters related to the functioning of the city president's cabinets, his deputies and plenipotentiary for the protection of classified information, handling official meetings and state ceremonies, domestic and foreign cooperation. 3-4 Wszystkich Świętych Square 31-004 Krakow 12 616-13-85 kp.umk@um.krakow.pl
8 Office of the City Council of Krakow Organizational and administrative and office support of the City Council of Krakow, its chairman, vice-chairmen and committees 3-4 Wszystkich Świętych Square 31-004 Krakow 12 616-14-03 br.umk@um.krakow.pl
9 Krakow Benefits Centre Social benefits matters, close cooperation with the Municipal Social Welfare Centre 18 Stachowicza Street 30-103 Krakow 12 616-50-23
12 616-50-01
10 Civil Registry Office The acceptance of declarations affecting marital status, registration of civil status and the issue of relevant documents. 27 Lubelska Street 30-003 Krakow 12 616-55-19 sc.umk@um.krakow.pl
11 Architecture and Urban Planning Department Architectural and construction administration, issuing decisions on construction and land development conditions, determining locations of roads, issuing permissions for road construction and certificates on the independence of premises 41 Mogilska Street 31-545 Krakow 12 616-80-34
12 616-80-35
12 Security and Crisis Management Department Matters of public security and order, civil defense and crisis situations 2 os. Zgody 31-949 Krakow 12 616-89-54 oc.umk@um.krakow.pl
13 City Budget Department Matters including the preparation of the city budget project, long-term financial planning, including the Long-term Financial Forecast, financial accounting, reporting the city's budget 3-4 Wszystkich Świętych Square 31-004 Krakow 12 616-15-49
12 616-18-22
14 Air Quality Department Matters of protection and shaping the climatic environment, including tasks in the field of air protection Rynek Podgórski 2 30-533 Krakow 12 616-87-88 jp.umk@um.krakow.pl
15 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department Matters related to revitalization, investor service, and entrepreneurship service and support Bracka 10 Street 31-005 Krakow 12 616-15-48 pi.umk@um.krakow.pl
16 Tourism Department Matters of the City's tourist policy, close cooperation with the Krakow Festival Office and the City Development Agency 3-4 Wszystkich Świętych Square 31-004 Krakow 12 616-60-52 wt.umk@um.krakow.pl
17 Education Department Education-related matters, including schools, kindergartens and other educational and upbringing institutions, and supervision over such 18 Stachowicza Street 30-103 Krakow 12 616-52-00 ek.umk@um.krakow.pl
18 Administrative Execution and Debt Collection Department Cases of the execution of civil and legal and public-law liabilities of the Municipal Office of Krakow 10 Powstania Warszawskiego Avenue 31-541 Krakow 12 616-92-00 ew.umk@um.krakow.pl
19 Vehicle and Driver Records Department Vehicle registration and the issue of driving licences as well as control and supervision over diagnostic stations and training centres 10 Powstania Warszawskiego Avenue 31-541 Krakow 12 616-93-62
12 616-93-64
20 Finance Department Matters including keeping account books, reporting on the implementation of the financial plan of the Magistrate, meeting obligations, settling contracts and keeping a register of contracts and orders 3-4 Wszystkich Świętych Square 31-004 Krakow 12 616-13-11 fk.umk@um.krakow.pl
21 Geodesy Department Service of the Municipal Spatial Information System, matters including communalization, division of real estate, planning fees, numbering real estate and running a poviat geodetic and cartographic resource as part of the tasks of the District Geodesy Surveyor 8 Grunwaldzka Street 31-526 Krakow 12 616-96-21
12 616-96-24
22 Public Utilities Department Development of the elements of municipal economy, low-emission economy, the creation of long-term plans and programmes for the development of the municipal infrastructure of the City and the monitoring thereof 17a Wielopole Street 31-072 Krakow 12 616-88-18 gk.umk@um.krakow.pl
23 IT Department (IT Service Centre) IT services for the Magistrate, electronic services for residents and the coordination of common IT solutions of the Magistrate and municipal organizational units 20 Basztowa Street 31-156 Krakow 12 616-12-45 it.umk@um.krakow.pl
24 Social Communication Department Information policy of the Mayor, the Town Hall, its coordination in relation to municipal organizational units, issues of the City's promotional policy. The Mayor's Spokesman functions in the department 3-4 Wszystkich Świętych Square 31-004 Krakow 12 616-13-60 ks.umk@um.krakow.pl
25 Internal Control Department Matters of organizational, legal and financial control, consideration of complaints, petitions and applications 4 Sarego Street 31-047 Krakow 12 616-19-36 bk.umk@um.krakow.pl
26 Environmental Development Department Environmental protection and the development 0f matters, tasks related to the protection of: waters, land, greenery, agriculture, forestry, animal protection, geology and ecological funds. The Poviat Geologist functions in the structure of the department 2 os. Zgody 31-949 Krakow 12 616-88-93 ws.umk@um.krakow.pl
27 Culture and National Heritage Department Supervision over municipal cultural institutions and cooperation with other cultural institutions 17a Wielopole Street 31-072 Krakow 12 616-19-30 kd.umk@um.krakow.pl
28 Municipal Traffic Engineer Department Traffic management in Krakow, preparing and approving traffic organization projects, issuing opinions on planning and strategic documents in the field of traffic management organizations 1 Wielopole Street 31-072 Krakow 12 616-58-08 ir.umk@um.krakow.pl
29 Housing Department City housing management matters Rynek Podgórski 1 30-533 Krakow 12 616-82-40
12 616-82-43
30 Office Service Department Magistrate infrastructure and technical maintenance matters 3-4 Wszystkich Świętych Square 31-004 Krakow 12 616-15-02 ou.umk@um.krakow.pl
31 Organization and Supervision Department Magistrate organization and functioning matters, personnel matters, matters of e-administration and the information society. The Data Protection Inspector functions in the structure of the department 3-4 Wszystkich Świętych Square 31-004 Krakow 12 616-12-11
32 Spatial Planning Department Among others, the drawing up of projects of local spatial development plans, preparing a draft study of the conditions and directions for spatial development and its updates, studies and analyses, issuing certificates, extracts and outlines 41 Mogilska Street 31-545 Krakow 13 616-85-42
12 616-85-26
33 Taxes and Fees Department Among others, matters of taxation and fees, tax collection and records, local fees, and civil law receivables 10 Powstania Warszawskiego Avenue 31-549 Krakow 13 616-90-64 pd.umk@um.krakow.pl
34 Social Policy and Health Department Matters related to social initiatives, health protection, cooperation with non-governmental organizations, supervision of associations, issues related to youth and seniors, civic budget, free legal aid, supervision of nurseries and municipal hospitals 24 Jana Dekerta Street 30-703 Krakow 12 616-51-19 sz.umk@um.krakow.pl
35 City Treasury Department Matters obtaining rights to dispose of real estate for the benefit of municipal investments, sale of municipal premises, management of property 29 Kasprowicza Street 31-523 Krakow 12 616-98-47
12 616-98-46
36 Sports Department Matters related to physical culture and sports promotion, supervision over sports and recreation facilities run by the City 10 Powstania Warszawskiego Avenue 31-541 Krakow 12 616-96-11 sp.umk@um.krakow.pl
37 Administrative Affairs Department Matters related to census records, identity cards, the voter register, military qualifications, alcohol trading, business operations, making urban areas available for organizing events. The Municipal Consumer Ombudsman functions in the department 10 Powstania Warszawskiego Avenue 31-541 Krakow 12 616-93-20 sa.umk@um.krakow.pl
38 Strategy, Planning and Investment Monitoring Department The planning and monitoring of strategic and programme investments on a multiannual and annual basis, and analyses regarding the Bank of Information on the City and Report on the State of the Municipality 3-4 Wszystkich Świętych Square 31-004 Krakow 12 616-19-57 si.umk@um.krakow.pl
39 Internal Audit Team Matters related to the conducting of organizational and financial audits of the Magistrate and municipal organizational units, coordination of audit solutions 17a Wielopole Street 31-072 Krakow 12 616-17-72 za.umk@um.krakow.pl
40 Arena Kraków SA (former City Development Agency) Among others, providing services related to the economic and social development of Krakow, investment implementation, management of the Tauron Arena sports and performance hall 7 Lema Street 31-571 Krakow 12 349-11-03 board@arm.krakow.pl
41 Municipal Labour Office Tasks in the field of, among others, labour market policy, employment promotion, labour market services, vocational rehabilitation 34 Wąwozowa Street 31-752 Krakow 12 686-80-00
12 643-15-61
42 Krakow Festival Office Among others, creating a diverse and original offer corresponding to the latest trends in culture, organizing events and artistic ventures, and promoting culture 2 Wygrana Street 30-311 Krakow 12 354-25-00 poczta@kbf.krakow.pl
43 Krakowski Holding Komunalny SA Among others, managing property matters, capital management, investment coordination, employee training, operation of the Thermal Waste Recycling Facility (an ecological incineration plant) 3 Brożka Street 30-347 Krakow 12 269-15-05 biuro@khk.krakow.pl
44 City of Krakow Development Agency (Agencja Rozwoju Miasta Krakowa Sp. z o.o.) Development of the Wesoła district with historic 19th-century buildings, coordination of the development of investment areas "Kraków Nowe Miasto Płaszów - Rybitwy" and "Kraków Airport Balice". Królewska 57 Street 30-081 Kraków 12 293-45-90 biuro@armk.pl
45 Municipal Social Welfare Centre Tasks in the field of, among others social assistance, family support, social employment, vocational and social rehabilitation of disabled people 14 Józefińska Street 30-529 Krakow 12 616-54-27 do@mops.krakow.pl
46 Management Board of Municipal Buildings Exercising ordinary management of residential and commercial buildings owned or co-owned by the Municipality of Krakow and the State Treasury 16 Czerwieńskiego Street 31-319 Krakow 12 616-61-27
12 616-61-28
47 Management Board of Municipal Cemeteries Operation and management of cemeteries and facilities located within their areas 26 Rakowicka Street 31-510 Krakow 12 619-99-00 sekretariat@zck-krakow.pl
48 Management Board for the Roads of the City of Krakow Dealing with issues related to municipal management and transport in Krakow 53 Centralna Street 31-586 Krakow 12 616-74-16
12 616-70-00
49 Sports Infrastructure Management Board Implementation, organization and execution of tasks in the field of physical culture, sport and recreation 10 Sławka Street 30-633 Krakow 12 616-63-00 sekretariat@zis.krakow.pl
50 Municipal Investment Management Board Implementation of investment projects close to residents and large infrastructure projects 20 Reymonta Street 30-059 Krakow 12 341-85-09 sekretariat@zim.krakow.pl
51 Public Transport Management Board in Krakow Organization of matters related to public mass transport in Krakow 1 Wielopole Street 31-072 Krakow 12 616-86-02 sekretariatdt@ztp.krakow.pl
52 Management Board of the City Greenery Care of the green areas in Krakow 20 Reymonta Street 30-059 Krakow 12 201-02-40 sekretariat@zzm.krakow.pl

How do I submit a question?

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