“No longer were there individual destinies;
only a collective destiny, made of plague
and emotions shared by all.”

Albert Camus, ‘The Plague’

Cracow School of Business MBA

Cracow School of Business MBA offer for ASPIRE members Looking for a vibrant learning community? Embark on a journey that will transform you or your team member into a more responsible, aware and empowered leader!  Cracow School of Business is a part of Cracow...

Centre Heads Group: Monthly COVID Call

CENTRE HEADS GROUP Monthly COVID Call THURSDAY, 7/10/2021 13:00 – 14:00         The aim of the call is to enable the group to share experiences and challenges in responding to the coronavirus situation and other key topics. The call is open to all members...


COMING UP THIS WEEK Legal Tuesday Virtual ClinicWebinar Impacts of COVID: Women at home and in the workplaceCentre Heads Call 7th September 8:00 – 18:00 – Legal Tuesday Virtual Clinic  Monthly opportunity for members to get free of charge answers to their legal...