Take care of your mental health

9 to 27 May 2022


We’ve been through a lot lately. First, a two-year pandemic with its dynamics – a time of anxiety and fear, a time of fatigue and frustration. Most of us have done it – developed new coping strategies and learned to live in a new normal.

Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine shook our mental health. We could not prepare for this. Even though the initial time of fear and anxiety has passed for many of us, the tension and stress of the past month may still have an impact on our body. We are still involved, we listen to the news, we think about this situation. Undoubtedly, we may already be tired. Many of us may become indifferent and helpless and even angry. How to deal with it and prepare for the next changes? 

This situation will not last a month or two, but much longer. So let’s equip yourself with basic information and psychological competences useful in supporting relatives, employees and yourself. In order to continue to support you, the Mental Health Centre is once again organizing a “Majówka ze zdrowiem psychicznym” (Mental Health May event in Polish), which will be an opportunity to listen to experts.


  • For managers and HRBP they have prepared, among others workshops on crisis intervention after the loss of an employee, managerial support competences, professional burnout and procedures in the case of an addicted employee.
  • The panels with the participation of invited guests will be a place to discuss the topics of mental health strategies in the company after the outbreak of the disaster and choosing the appropriate support line for employees.
  • The latest data on post-traumatic growth, conversations with a person in mourning, complex PTSD, traumatic mourning, and post-pandemic loneliness will be presented.
  • The experts will give you tips on how to provide basic psychological help and manage your anxiety.
  • One of the main topics will be parenting – how to support a child in mourning and how to be a parent in times of war.
  • Several other issues, including helping exhaustion, helper secondary stress, and conflicts at home will be additionally discussed.
  • There will also be plenty to learn from positive psychology – how to ventilate yourself and how pleasant emotions and sport regulate the work of the brain.


Event is held only in Polish.



To participate in the event, please register at  www.majowka.mhcenter.pl.


ASPIRE is the Partner of the event.