28th September 2022

17:30 – 18:45 CET

Live from the Unity Centre, Kraków


A new flagship event from ASPIRE.

Kraków Calling is a new kind of event, a live broadcast from the top tower of Kraków’s iconic Unity centre, filmed before a studio audience of senior executives, debating the important issues for the tech and business services sector.

On this occasion we will be discussing the impact of Hybrid Working, looking at key opportunities and risks from the new ways of working after the pandemic – from impact on talent pool, to employee well-being, company and organisational culture, and so on.

The event will be run in the form of a discussion with input from an expert panel and expert audience. We will also be calling colleagues in other locations to get their perspective.

The Hybrid Revolution

  • How to make hybrid work? What are leading companies doing
  • What are the impacts on employees?  What new skills are needed to thrive? 
  • Do we still need offices? If yes, what do they look like? 
  • Does hybrid call for new kinds of leaders? If yes, what key qualities must they have?
  • What is the global impact? Is hybrid the end of off-shoring or the beginning of another boom?

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