Process Mining

What is it? How can it help me? How to start?



  1. Welcome to SSC World 
    • Andrew Hallam, General Secretary at ASPIRE
  2. Introduction to Process Mining Technology
    • Michał Topyło, Business Development Director at AutoID, ABBYY Country Partner in Poland
  3. 3. How to Achieve & Continually Maintain Processes Excellence in SSC by using Process Mining
    • Susanne Richter-Wills, Director of Sales DACH & France at ABBYY
  4. Practical cases on how the implementation of Process Mining technology enhance the business operation
    • Jarosław Kulik, Program Manager – Analytics & Process Mining at Philip Morris International
    • Krzysztof Sitarski, Lead Data Analyst at Philip Morris International
  5. Live Demo: Intelligence Process Mining for P2P Process
    • Eduards Putra, Business Development Manager at ABBYY
  6. Q&A



  • Slides from the session
  • Full recording of the session