“No longer were there individual destinies;
only a collective destiny, made of plague
and emotions shared by all.”

Albert Camus, ‘The Plague’

Cracow School of Business MBA offer for ASPIRE members

Looking for a vibrant learning community? Embark on a journey that will transform you or your team member into a more responsible, aware and empowered leader! 

Cracow School of Business is a part of Cracow University of Economics dedicated to executive education. 

Once again ASPIRE has partnered with the Business School to offer special discounts for ASPIRE members. 

Get 10% discount on Executive MBA, International MBA, MBA CSB+Master programmes.



Cracow School of Business conducts four excellent MBA programmes:

Three programmes are fully in English (Executive MBA, International MBA, MBA CSB + Master). MBA IT is conducted in Polish. 

Executive MBA

An international EFMD accredited MBA programme, delivered in partnership with EM Normandie, France and AESE Business School, Portugal. The programme focus is on higher level leadership skills which empower graduates to understand and effectively handle current and future challenges of digitalisation, business transformation, organisational resilience and strategic decision making in highly volatile and uncertain conditions.

International MBA

A European multicultural integrated management programme designed for the managers working in an international environment based on the unique concept of integrated management, created and developed by the programme partner – St. Gallen Business School, Switzerland – as a response to the challenges of today’s international environment.

MBA CSB + Master

An innovative programme, delivered jointly with Clark University USA, for emerging talent aspiring to take on management positions The programme is a unique offer combining academic Masters Studies according to Clark University requirements and a business practice oriented MBA in Managerial Communication Programme.


The main goal of the programme is to provide participants with knowledge, skills and competences useful in developing a managerial career in the IT and technology industries. 

A second aim is to educate directors, managers and leaders in the fields of modern leadership, technological trends, organisation management strategies and building a culture of innovation based on autonomy, trust and transparency.