• “Business vs Smog” is an award-winning employee engagement programme that brings together teams from 30+ ASPIRE member companies.
  • The aim of the initiative is to harness the enthusiasm and talent of our people to raise children’s awareness about air quality.
  • To date, during two editions of the programme, our teams have reached over 20,000 children with a positive message about the need and opportunity to change.


Presentation of the “Business vs Smog” programme

by Dorota Franczukowska, Marketing Manager, PwC & Programme Coordinator, “Business vs Smog”

  • Business vs Smog
    • Business vs Smog in Numbers
    • Lessons Learned from the 1st & 2nd editions
    • How we will run the 3rd edition, incl. H&S
  • Shaping the programme for our post-COVID reality 
    • What qualities can the initiative help nurture?
    • How important is quality of life going to be in attracting and retaining talent?
    • New challenges in engaging employees