1. Introduction / New regulations of “anti-crisis shield” and prohibition of business activities. 

2. Market practices and assessment of their effectiveness – rent reduction due to force majeure and immediate termination of lease agreements.

3. Legal basis for reduction of rent and termination of lease agreement:

  • Contractual provisions;
  • Force majeure as an obstacles to use the premises (depending on the type and location of the premises);
  • Extraordinary change of circumstances (rebus sic stantibus clause);
  • Mediation.

4. Defence against landlord’s action – procedure and possibilities of contesting enforceable  title, suits for payment, contesting notices of termination, possibilities of obtaining security for the claim for rent reduction, unjustified enrichment.

5. Suggested ways of proceeding to reduce the rent.

6. Open discussion 


Slides from webinar – 22/04