City Partner – Kraków


Kraków, a well-established player on the international business arena.

Competitive not only as a market, but also as a hub of major intellectual capital attracting investors from creative and new technologies industries. Not afraid of bold solutions and open to challenges, with back-up of a large talent pool of well-educated and highly qualified people.

Kraków is one of the fastest-growing metropolises in Poland. As a modern city where over a million people live and are employed, Kraków is a cultural, tourist, congress and scientific center – 130,000 students and 23 colleges can be found there, along with more than 200 international corporations in the modern business services sector, employing nearly 100 thousand people in the IT, services, research and development, business analytics and finance sectors.

Constantly developing and investing in itself by implementing smart city solutions.

Kraków bases its sustainable development on intelligent management as well as energy and creativity of the inhabitants.